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We've moved to 1511 West College St Murfreesboro, TN

Call Today: 615-893-6531

We've moved to 1511 West College St Murfreesboro, TN

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The Latest Technology to Benefit Your Home or Business

Hamilton Glass Company offers the latest in commercial and residential glass technology to our customers. Our wide range of products allows us to better serve your specific needs, from repair to replacement. One of our goals is to leave customers with peace of mind; we want you to know that our products and services are the best in the area.

As we strive to grow into Middle Tennessee’s most trusted glass company, we have assembled a varied and expansive product line to better serve your needs while saving you money.

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What We Offer

Energy Saving Low-E Glass

Low-E glass, or low emissivity glass, allows for lower levels of radiant heat due to a film or metallic coating applied to the glass.

Insulated Residential Windows

Residential windows of various sizes that feature multiple additions of glaze. Air spaces between layers of glaze act as insulation and allows the window to more effectively contain cool or warm air.

Commercial Storefronts & Curtain Walls

We can update the look of your building with a modern and efficient storefront or curtain wall system for both single and multi-story buildings.

Fire-Rated Glass

With the addition of fire-rated glaze, this type of glass restricts the transfer of heat, smoke, or flames very effectively. Fire-ratings depend on glass thickness and the length of time the glass is exposed to the heat source.

Wire Glass

Safety glass that incorporates wire netting inside the actual sheet of glass. This safety glass is commonly used in schools.


Glass tabletops can add elegance and a modern feel to any room whether it is for a desk or table.

Tempered Safety Glass

Heat-treated safety glass designed to shatter into small, pebble-sized pieces instead of long slivers.

Laminated Safety Glass

Safety glass made up of sheets of glass with resin or plastic plates in between them to add strength and prevent shattering.

Custom Mirrors

Whether it is for your bathroom or any other area of your home, we are able to craft the perfect mirror to fit your needs.


Very strong and light transparent, this acrylic glass is weather resistant and extremely durable.


A polycarbonate that is an integral part of bullet resistant systems, this transparent plastic is strong enough to hold up to just about anything you throw at it.

Obscure Glass

This type of sheet glass can be made translucent or opaque by adding texture or roughening one side of the glass (popular in residential bathrooms and kitchen cabinets).

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